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All About Bethani

Please Check out and Like Creativeworkz Photography's Facebook Page and Online Clothing Store to experience the unique and creative way I captures light, feelings and colors.

Specializing in Natural Light Photography and In-Home Studio Photography, I am able to provide a wide variety of services and packages. Formerly a photographer for Our365 Portraits, I am highly experienced in Family  and Baby Portraits. As a member of a local art collective and an art teacher, I draw inspiration from everywhere I have traveled worldwide, (including Ghana, Columbia, France, Germany, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Italy, Thailand and many more) and from my love for, deep empathy for, and understanding of the people and places and colors I've seen.  All of my travel photos are available for sale in digital or print form. 

Creativeworkz Photography is ideal for the client who wishes to have the people and places in their life captured  at their most beautiful plateaus. I am extremely passionate about delivering full satisfaction to the client and having an amazing time throughout the shoot.


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Bethani Zeller

 Freelance Photographer

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