Philadelphia Flower Show in Natural Fractal Abstract Style

See the original images captured next to their final versions. Each image is from a single exposure, sometimes a triple exposure (done in camera) reflected upon itself and metamorphosed in layers upon layers upon layers of changes in color and depth.

What is natural fractal abstract photography?

The fractal and stunning qualities of the natural world appear again and again in my work. I focus on the intricate details and patterns of flowing waters, twisting trees and blossoming flowers. We pass by these things every day, buried in our phones and worries. I hope that the uplifting colors of my art and designs will provoke consciousness and awareness of the beauty surrounding us.

Many of my pieces are created to reveal the stunning geometry in nature, filtered through my own personal lens extending far beyond the camera. My ardent love affair with the natural world readily comes through in my unique style of "Fractal Natural Abstract Photography." Each piece is made from a photograph captured lovingly in or out of the country; then painstakingly processed for hours to create something entirely new and entirely different. My images strive to bring the world of reflection into the present moment, to capture a realm between realms, and to exude emotion through delicately refined colors.

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